Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life on the Road.

On my ipod: Takin care of business by BTO

I've been very busy this past week since my brother-in-law formed a courier company and asked us to join. My husband and I share a car, my 1995 chevy cavalier that has 204,000 miles on it and we've been driving all over the state making deliveries. Hopefully we'll make enough in a few months to buy a decent hybrid. We're about to embark on a two day delivering spree in a few hours.

OKAY, so just a few minutes ago, my teenage sister calls me from school. She said that her teacher wanted her to call because she forgot a pencil. ??? I asked to speak to this teacher, but she was too afraid to speak to me. I told my sister that her teacher had no right to waste my time for such a stupid reason and she needs to give her a pencil, and if she has any problems, then call me again.

Hear this teachers: Don't be that much of a dipshit and force your students to embarrass themselves for such a lame reason. When I get back, this teacher and I will have some words.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Since it's St. Patrick's Day, I decided to write this post ahead of time and show y'all what happened last St. Patrick's Day. I decided to forgo the usual spring break destinations of Florida and Mexico and instead head to London. I have never been anywhere colder in my life. Despite the dreariness, it still was a lovely city to visit.

Amidst the cheer of St. Patrick's Day, there were those determined to end this war. It was amazing. And don't worry, I won't post anyone's name here and I'm not posting any of my close-ups. If we did this in America, we'd be shot be riot police in no time:

Ha! Fuck you Bush!!

Our protesting was soon interrupted by POPE STILTMAN!!

WTF?! It's time to get to a pub.
I hope this year's St. Patrick's Day will be as fun.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I realized that the only reason I failed my chemistry exams is because the only element I recognize is the element of surprise.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So we were sitting there watching a preview for a movie called "A Haunting in Connecticut". And I thought, oh that is just another stupid remake of the Amityville Horror. My husband said, no "Amityville Horror" did not take place in Connecticut, it took place in New England. Isn't Connecticut in New England?

He said no, because New England is a state. I tried to tell him that New England is a region that encompasses several northern states. But he is convinced that New England is a state and it's right next to New Hampshire. And I've been trying for a week to convince him otherwise.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Long Ride Home

Friday my horoscope read:

Don't be surprised if you're feeling slightly out of sorts. You could be out of kilter for several months, like it or not.

Well like it or not I'll be feeling like this for the next eight months or so. I calculated my due date to be this Halloween, which I believe would be the coolest thing ever. We went to Disney for the last time with my family. Good riddance, we never got paid nearly enough for what we did for you.

Sunday morning we packed up and left to move to Alabama. It wasn't that difficult because our house was the size of a walk-in closet. Now all of our stuff is still sitting in the truck of my family's driveway. We're staying here for a while until our house is ready. And it's nowhere near ready. Brian and I explored it yesterday and it is pretty awesome. I'll post pics soon.

The workers are repairing the bathroom so they stuck the toilet in the shower to make room. I was like "Wow - you can take a shower and piss at the same time!" Also in the backyard shed there is a bright green tub. Not sure what it's there for, but it looks awesome.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Day on the Blog

Hi everyone! I have started this blog because my husband Brian and I are moving to Alabama next week and it's going to be a huge change for me, living in Florida my whole life. Right now, it's snowing there while it's 70° F here.

I never expected to move to Alabama. The only time I have ever been there is when I went to college at Auburn. I graduated in May and immediately returned to Florida. During my college years, I did a lot of traveling, across both America and Europe. And where did I meet my husband? In a bar. in Alabama. But I love him and I would travel anywhere with him.

The main reason we're moving back is because living in Florida is draining our savings - we're not making enough working at Disney. And since my college program internship ended, I haven't been able to find any work because of this economy. There's a lot more opportunites in Alabama. Another reason is because I'm six weeks pregnant and we decided it would be better to raise our first child in the country.

So I've started writing this blog - as a timewaster, an outlet, and as a way to chronicle our adventures into parenthood and around the world. Happy reading!