Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pics of Azalea's Nursery

Here are some pics of my baby Azalea's nursery:

More false labor

This is what's going on.

1. My mucus plug is gone, but my water still hasn't broken yet.
2. My power level is over 9000.
3. We are going for long walks every day to see if it helps.
4. I have been sent home twice for false labor, and they gave me a shot to stop all contractions.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

T shirt yarn

I've been working on some T-shirt yarn. I chose the kind of tees without side seams so I don't have to do any looping/knotting whatever.  I'm thinking about making some baby bibs and such with it.  My biggest hook is a 10 so I'm not worried about size. 

I still don't have my car back.  Even though it is very much under warranty, Chrysler is trying to sneak out of paying for it. And they were supposed to give us a loaner car. Which they didn't.  Well I'm not paying for it because it's under warranty and they can suck it.

Blog Feature

Yay! Today I was featured in my team's blog! I am so excited.

Here is a link to the blog:
Crochet Dreamers Etsy Team

 I crocheted this hat as my challenge piece. It represents a Florida orange and was inspired by my baby girl. :)