Sunday, October 11, 2009

Next Iron Chef

Today’s challenge is simplicity. The chefs scrambled to get a traditional cooking dish, such as a bamboo steamer or a hot pot, and they had to make a simple family dish. It was intense! I personally would have chosen the bamboo steamer and would have made Shumai Wontons. I’ve played enough Cooking Mama to be confident in my Japanese cooking ability.  I totally got 100 points on that level.

The face of the day was Freitag’s dish. Another chef called it bland! HA haha ha! Then she shot back at that chef by saying her dish was overpowering. Chef Mehta was voted the best simple dish. He made curry and rice. You can’t get much simpler than that.

Next, the chefs were split up into groups of Greek, Italian, and French cuisine.  We’re excited about the guy making dolmas.  It’s one of dh’s favorite foods and I would love to learn how to make. Unfortunately, it’s going to be his interpretation of the dish and it may be nothing like the original dish.

And the loser of the night is...