Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Long Ride Home

Friday my horoscope read:

Don't be surprised if you're feeling slightly out of sorts. You could be out of kilter for several months, like it or not.

Well like it or not I'll be feeling like this for the next eight months or so. I calculated my due date to be this Halloween, which I believe would be the coolest thing ever. We went to Disney for the last time with my family. Good riddance, we never got paid nearly enough for what we did for you.

Sunday morning we packed up and left to move to Alabama. It wasn't that difficult because our house was the size of a walk-in closet. Now all of our stuff is still sitting in the truck of my family's driveway. We're staying here for a while until our house is ready. And it's nowhere near ready. Brian and I explored it yesterday and it is pretty awesome. I'll post pics soon.

The workers are repairing the bathroom so they stuck the toilet in the shower to make room. I was like "Wow - you can take a shower and piss at the same time!" Also in the backyard shed there is a bright green tub. Not sure what it's there for, but it looks awesome.