Friday, April 23, 2010

More drama

I received a bill in the mail from the idiot Birmingham people. So I called them and Medicaid too and after talking to six people it turns out the wrong due date for my baby was entered and that's why my medicaid is screwed up. So all I have to do is bring my new proof of pregnancy letter to my social worker and it will get fixed. I was considering not even going back to UAB but the lady I talked to was so nice that I am reconsidering. I just really hope that it doesn't take 4 hours and that an actual dr really does see me.

You're probably wondering about Medicaid and the Maternity services that Alabama provides. All pregnant women are guaranteed a special kind of insurance called Pregnancy Medicaid which is done through the Small Wonders Maternity Program in AL so they can have the best prenatal care available and to have healthy babies. Blue Cross/Blue Shield does not cover pregnancy and I can't get other insurance because I have a birth defect. So Small Wonders covers me at least until my husband gets in the navy which I hope is soon. Small Wonders has a lot of classes like a breastfeeding class and they have WIC (which most people are eligible for even Military families) which is like getting coupons for free cereal and juice once a month. After the baby is born, you get a set number of coupons for baby formula and jars of food. Now, please enjoy this picture of a baby trying to grab a spoon.