Sunday, October 4, 2009

Next Iron Chef premieres tonight!

Today is the premiere of Next Iron Chef. We are diligently watching for the downfall of Amanda Freitag, who constantly puts contestants down on Chopped because their food is either too spicy or too strange. Hopefully the criticism from fellow chefs will finally force her to eat humble pie (even if it is spicy).

First challenge was a compelling icebreaker featuring each of the chef’s memory foods. In other words, a particular food item that touches the chef’s heart in some way.

The next challenge was weird food items. Cockscombs, grasshoppers, and jellyfish were just a few of the bizarre food items. Garces (the winner of the first challenge and who had cockscombs) got to choose two chefs to switch ingredients. He decided to give the stinky tofu to his biggest rival, Seamus. According to him, it smelled like a dirty diaper! Of course he added bacon to it. You can never go wrong when you add bacon.

The chef from Maryland had to work with jellyfish. I’ve actually always wanted to try jellyfish. She mixed it into a coconut soup, which totally grossed my husband out. He hates coconut with a passion. Surprisingly, the durian (which grosses me out because of its rancid smell), chicken feet, and grasshoppers don’t disgust him, but coconut does. And oh no! The guy making unlaid eggs totally broke the pasta maker and the stand mixer. He appears to be an absolute klutz.

Chef Amanda Freitag is known for blasting the chefs on Chopped for not cleaning out their meats. But on this challenge she left several bones in her eel! HA HA HA HA! And combining it with polenta was not only super safe and not creative. I hate polenta. It rhymes with placenta. So there.

Chef Appleman, with his unlaid eggs, won the challenge. The guy who had grasshoppers got kicked off, but Freitag is still in the running! We will see how long she hangs on next time on Next Iron Chef!!!