Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moving Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am moving to my new townhouse with my husband.  It was hard to find a reasonably priced one in a safe neighborhood.  Now my attention has been turned to decorating the house, especially for the nursery.  It's been hard trying to find a decorating style as I never had really anything to decorate.  I have been looking at a series of websites for ideas - I did find that there is a nursery called "The Lindsey Butterfly Nursery" at the Pottery Barn.  Pottery Barn and Anthropologie are examples of stores where you look through the catalogs and then go home and make the same object for cheaper.  That's how I got my snake scarf.  I saw it for $60, went and bought a $3 skein of yarn and proceeded to crochet one myself.  Of course it took two weeks as I had no idea how to shape the head.

Watching HGTV is like the worst thing you can do for decorating ideas.  Which is ironic because a few years ago that's all the kind of shows they had on there.  Now every single show is about de-personalizing a house into order to sell it to the generic masses.  Every show is them ripping apart old cabinets and smashing vintage fixtures, replacing it with stainless steel and pretty pretty granite.  Blech.  Oh, and nevermind recycling or donating any furnishes or wood (which the Habitat for Humanity Restore store is always asking for) - let's just throw it in the dumpster. Okay??