Friday, July 30, 2010

Maternity Clothes - FTW!

My baby girl is due in 4 weeks people!

When we first found out we were expecting, we went to every single store that Disney offered. And there is a lot of stores on Disney property. Like hundreds. Each time we asked if they had any maternity clothes, because I wanted to wear some really cute Disney clothes while I was expecting. Each time, they said sorry, we don't offer them.  No where. Not even Downtown Disney had any offerings.  Which made me realize that they are completely missing a niche market here which is odd because you would think that they would already have a foothold in every market. So I has a sad because I don't get to wear any cute maternity clothes.

Except this morning I checked the news about Disney like I do every day, and do you know what I saw? Disney has officially announced plans to collaborate with Motherhood Maternity to produce a line of Disney maternity fashions. Too little, too late - my baby will be here soon! 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

28 Days Later is an awesome movie

I saw 28 Days Later on sale and I was like "YAY!!" Oh, and it's not about zombies, it's about the rage virus. Duh. So my husband was like "you only like it because that one guy is naked." That movie is hilarious and awesome. "no cause that guy is naked"

 Especially that scene
"that guy"
where the army guy is cooking and he's wearing a pink frilly apron? Hilarious! And they all go shopping in the supermarket even while the rage virus victims are stalking them?
"is naked"
We are totally buying this movie, but not right now. Then we went home and watched Resident Evil. Which actually is about zombies, but they are infected with the T-Virus, not a rage virus, FYI. Also the "lickers" are the boss from the second video game. 

personal thought: My bewbs feel like they're on fire. Stop with the bewbsquishes - They hurt!