Monday, April 12, 2010


I did ask for headphones for my birthday. Not for me, but for my baby. I want them to like stretch over my belly to provide a surround sound experience for my baby. In the meantime, Mom gave me a pair of old airline headphones to try. Unfortunately one one ear works but I'm still using them until my birthday.

I decided that the first song I wanted my baby to hear would be "Major Tom" by Shiny Toy Guns. So I turned on my ipod and placed the one working ear to my belly. Upon hearing the music start, my baby's whole body shifted itself towards the music. It started moving and bubbling excitedly. When my baby moves or swims, it creates a bubbling sensation in my lower belly. If it gets too close to the surface, it will starting kicking or hitting, and it can hurt occasionally. Like Saturday when it kicked me in the lung. That hurt. Anyway when I played the music and a few more Shiny Toy Guns songs, I moved the headphone piece across my belly and each time the baby followed the music. Which makes me glad that it has such great taste in music and that it can hear well. I'm going to try a few more bands and see how it responds.

On another plus note, I have spent countless hours campaigning for a Disturbed Rock Band (or Guitar Hero, it really is the same company no matter how much the people on forums whine). Now a couple of their songs are available for download for the Rock band pack starting June 3. I believe that they are "Indestructible" and "Inside the Fire". Nice, but still waiting for "The Night" and plenty of other songs that showcase their talent. I can't think of a better way to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Which brings me to my new dream of GUITAR HERO MUSE!!!!! The newer Guitar Heroes also have drums included, which would be perfect for Muse (or System of a Down, but they don't have enough songs to warrant their own video game. However, if I could just download "Question" I would be extremely happy). You can download "Hysteria" for Rock Band, but I've always enjoyed playing Guitar Hero more. Also you can download several of their songs already on Guitar Hero. Bonus: You can play as Matt on Guitar Hero 5!! Adorable!

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