Friday, November 26, 2010

All the way across the sky so intense.

Today I was supposed to move into the Intown Suites on Orange Blossom while Brian was at work. So I drove there and they gave me a key to check out the room.  That was the filthiest room I have ever seen and I told the front desk that.  The manager told me that he had just checked it but I was like WTF?  I told him a detailed list of everything wrong with that room.  There was scum all over the sink and bathtub. There was food caked in the microwave. It had not been vacuumed in weeks.  I was terrified to set my baby down cause she might get tetanus. I looked around for other weekly places but couldn't find any nearby that I could afford.  So I called the other Intown suites near Winter Park.  I drove there and as I got off the exit, I saw a massive double rainbow.  The staff was very nice and the room was clean.  So I decided to stay here for awhile.

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