Thursday, May 21, 2009

FailMOM: Kate Gosselin

Reality Shows are a way to learn the proper way not to act. When I become a mom, I hope I never turn out to be like Kate Gosselin. She is the ultimate FailMom. Almost as bad as OctoMom, whom we hate so much we won't call her by her real name. Kate came looong before her. Kate had more kids than she could handle, her fertility treatments were paid by the state, she had plastic surgery, and then demanded a reality show. Long before Octomom.

Her father's church parishioners donated six cribs for her sextuplets, which she reportedly threw out because they "didn't match". Her family lives in a 1.3 million dollar mansion. Her TV show makes up to $75,000 an episode, in which she spends the whole time complaining. I feel so sorry for Jon and I hope he can find someone who can make him happy.

On the show's previews, she states, "Everything is falling apart...I will not give up. I will not lay down and die." No, she will not give up. She will continually exploit her children and abuse her husband to keep up her millionaire lifestyle.

(Huge Thanks to Vancouver Sun and US Weekly for dirt to show how much I hate Kate Gosselin.)

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  1. RIght ON! Sadly, she is more the norm of her peer group and age in america today than the exception. Especially in the Northeast


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