Friday, March 12, 2010

Yesterday I was panicking because I've been bleeding quite a bit so we called the Dr and she said to come in as soon as possible. Unfortunately I was stuck in the middle of nowhere while Brian did his route and I had no way of getting to the dr.  We didn't even make it to Auburn until after 5:00.  So we went first thing this morning. I just had a exam with a different dr because Dr O wasn't there. But the nurse who's been with me since my last pregnancy was there and told me what to do.  I had a quick ultrasound to make sure the baby was okay, and not only is it okay, but it is huge! There is no more flipping around for it; it looked stuck. It's at least twice as big as the last ultrasound. I could even see its heart beating through its chest. However, I am forbidden from travelling, walking long distances and lifting anything. 

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