Thursday, April 1, 2010

Puerto Rico enters statehood - possibly 2011

     Last week me and Brian were discussing what it would be like to have 51 states in our union.  First off, we would have to change our flags and it would look uneven.  But the real question is can we afford another state?  This question has come to my mind after reading a CNN report Monday morning after the US's impending purchase of Puerto Rico.  Not only that, they are comtemplating renaming the territory after our president in honor of his recent Nobel Prize win.  So if the territory of Puerto Rico does enter statehood, it will be renamed Obamaland.  This decision was not taken lightly and was not meant to detract from the rich Hispanic heritage of the island, it is simply meant as a welcoming gesture from the United States and to begin to assimilate them into a more English-oriented society.
     The main reason we are adding Puerto Rico as a state is because the citizens already enjoy many of the benefits.  For example, they get Social Security, the US military protection, US control of commerce and transportation.  They do not pay the same taxes and do not vote yet receive many of the benefits hard-working tax-paying Americans get.  So it is only fair.  Another great reason to include Puerto Rico into the statehood is because we will get a lot of money in return.  Not only does Puerto Rico have a bustling rum business and tourist industry, we will see a great deal of benefit by adding 3.96 million taxpayers to our country.  The more I think about it, the more I can see that adding Puerto Rico as a state is very beneficial, for ourselves and for our economy.  Here is the link to the CNN reports concerning Puerto Rico/Obamaland's bid for statehood: CNN Report

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